A little about the Designer...

Tracy was born and raised in Summerland, BC. Presently, she lives in Falkland, BC, Canada, where she produces original pieces of jewellery in her studio.

Tracy has been involved in the process of designing and creating jewllery since 1996. Her first jewellery course was called Metal Techniques Level One. Her passion for knowledge and experience in the art of making jewellery grew so she took additional related workshops.

A vision was created and a purpose emerged. Serious involvement in producing jewellery was the goal so she applied and was accepted into the Jewellery Art and Design Diploma Program located in Vancouver, BC. In completion of her diploma at VCC in 1999, she moved back to the Okanagan and continued to collect tools and equipment to set up her own studio for what is now called Distinct Jewellery Designs. Since then Tracy has married and moved to Falkland, BC, Canada where her business continues to flourish.

In reference to the beauty and durability of silver and gold, she is drawn to working with these precious metals as well as a wide variety of gemstones.

Most of Tracy's experience lies in Custom Jewellery and one of a kind pieces of jewellery. She enjoys meeting and catering to her clients and is in her "perfect environment" when she is required to design, draw, and create a three dimensional piece. When given the freedom to make a unique piece of jewellery, Tracy likes to draw upon images from her own creative mind. Her inspiration comes from geometric forms such as architecture and machinery. She also likes forms that come from nature such as insects, rock formations and plants.

Tracy's patience, perseverance and persistence have given her power and direction to follow her heart and passion into the realm of "Precious Metal Creations".

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